Why Do You Need SEO?

What is the importance of SEO?

The need to know the factors that influence the organic positioning of a website is essential. Doing so will help you generate quality organic traffic and get good positions in search engines. You also need to know the importance of having a content generation strategy as part of your SEO efforts. On top of that, you should also track and understand the results of the changes and optimizations that you made to your websites.

What is it for your business?

This article will discuss SEO and its importance for any business that wants to generate sales activity via the Internet. SEO is the process to increase the visibility of a website in the major search engines, whether Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. The sites that occupy the top positions of search engines generate significantly more traffic.

Several studies claim the top 3 results, i.e., the first three organic results take more than 50% of existing traffic for a given search.  Such objective is essential for any business that wishes to have an active presence on the Internet. These top positions are coveted by all websites that aim to gain a significant advantage.

SEO also has a value of branding, online reputation, as users associate the position of the website in the value of the brand, for example, positioned to the user’s website, it means that the mark has relevance, authority, and reliability within your niche.

The initial process

SEO takes into account two fundamental factors, first how search engines work and how they look for other users in the search engines.

It is very important when we do a job website SEO optimize client or himself, to try serving tray information that is more relevant and important when positioning a website for search engines.

On the other hand, it is also part of SEO work, investigate the way in which users are looking for our products or services.
In this way, we can adapt our website or build it from scratch taking into account how users search us on the net.

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